Thursday, September 30, 2010

The one with some Prima

Has it really been 2 weeks since I blogged?!?!
The past two weeks have been CRAZY! How did I go to work all day and get everything done at home, like groceries and laundry? I used to do it I'm sure I can figure it out again.

Last week was my first full week at my new job, my grandmother passed so we had her funeral and with all the family in town there was something almost every night after work. This past weekend I had an old friend from University out to golf on Saturday and then Sunday was the Scrappy Chic Yard Sale! (So good as always!)This week I have been working on some menu cards and seating chart for a wedding.

I have got a little scrap time in between all the craziness.... still need to edit those pictures so they will come this weekend I hope. 4 new layouts for Scrappy Chic with some really great new lines (BG, CC, Pebbles, WeR)

But since no blog post is complete without a few pictures.... here is what I got last night with my yard sale earnings!!!! Brand new PRIMA!!!

A lot of white flowers.... this is because I have recently discovered how much I LOVE to glimmer mist things! So I thought I would stock up on some neutral ones that I can make to match my layouts. (I will have some samples and a tutorial coming up on some glimmer misting I did)

Some blue and gray.... just because they were so pretty!

I think these are different! Will go great with all the new fall lines out right now.... think Pyrus :)
This is new from Prima - Scrapbook Jewelry! I got a white one.... so I can mist it any color I want :) I saw samples of these done up at CHA.... just to die for! I hope that mine will turn out half as good as those talented ladies made theirs!!!

Back to the craziness now! We decided that this weekend we will install a brick paver path around the side of our house to our back patio. So we (I mean Alain and my Father in law!) will be busy with that... I will boss and bring food and drinks :)
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The one with some news

I have been MIA for a while. Trying to get some personal things sorted out. Not much scrapping going on. But I do have some good news... and some bad to share.

Today I am starting my new JOB!!!! Its not a full time gig just yet. I am on a trial run part time for the next few month. If all goes well it could turn into a full time job. So I am very excited!!!

On the bad news side, my grandmother is very ill and has been for a long time, but she is in intensice care now and is not expected to recover. So I was at the hospital all day yesterday spending as much time with her as I could.

So nothing scrappy to share today.... BUT Alain will be away fishing all weekend so I will have the house to myself... and hopefully get lots of scrappin done. I can't wait to show you all the fun stuff I got in my Scrappy Chic kit this month! 6 new lines of paper.... and because Angela is the bestest ever I got a couple of the lines I have been drooling over since CHA - Crate Paper Restoration and BG Pyrus!!! Look for those coming soon :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

The one with some fall in the air

I hope everyone had a good long weekend! And I can't believe that its already the weekend again!

We took a road trip up to Peterborough, Ontario to visit our good friends and their kiddos.
Julien and Noemie

Alec with mom Emily playing with the bubbles!

Such a relaxing weekend! Saturday we got to play some golf (in the cold, 40 mph wind!) and Sunday we went for a boat ride on the 'Liftlock Tour'. It was a beautiful day and I got some great pictures..... too bad they are not on my camera! I forgot my memory card at home so I had to borrow my friends card. She will be sending me the pictures soon.... I can't wait to see them!

Being a little more north than where we live, the leaves were starting to turn already and it really felt like fall. We brought the cooler weather home with us... and I am 100% over the summer now and ready for Fall!

My fall wreath is up....
My kitchen table centerpiece has been updated.....
And some new fall decor was purchased.....
Got this great IKEA shelf put up over our tv... it will be my seasonal decor area!
Also did a little re-organizing. I always wanted my scrapbooks in the living room so that they would be easy to pull out and look at instead of people coming into my scrapbook room. So I made room in my TV cabinet! The shelves were pretty much empty before and I still have room to add a few more albums. My hope is that this will work until we buy a new house and I will have built-ins made for my scrapbooks :)

I am heading over to Scrappy Chic on Sunday for their free crop! Meeting up with Angela and bringing my friend Jess too. If you live in the area you should come on over and crop with us. There is tons of new product in.... and don't forget your coupon! Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The one with a little change

I have been wanting a little change over here on the blog for a while.... but I am not so good with editing html! So today I came across some of the new blogger designer templates I thought I would give it a try. A little cleaner, a little more space for stuff. Love it so far. Added a little Shabby Blogs background and thats it. Hopefully soon I will make a new header to go with it as well.... for now it will have to stay!

Last night Alain worked late, so I watched some GLEE on while I created this page. I think its the first time I ever made a sketch, then made the page and THEN picked my picture! I just saw the papers and knew what I wanted to do... so I went for it. It was kind of a nice change.
Its mostly Momenta products. Love this line... everything came in the 'Floral' page kit so it was really easy. Added some white cardstock and pink AC ribbon.

Finally getting around to organize all the make-n-takes I made at CHA. Thought I would share a couple cute tags! This one is all Jillibean Soup. Loved learning to make these flowers. I have used them on a few pages since I have been back! Really easy to do!
Next this tag from October Afternoon. I think this is from an older line.... not a new release, but still fun to make!
Loved that the make-n-takes let you be creative and not just follow a formula. Mary did the sames ones as me and I love that ours both turned out so different but still totally cute!

Now I need to go fold a mountain of laundry. I hate to fold. But we are going to Peterbourough this weekend to visit our friends and their kiddos.....So we need some clean clothes :)
We always have so much fun with Norm and Emily... can't wait to see them!

Hope you have a great long weekend!!!