Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The one with the scraps purge

It sounds funny, but it felt so good to purge all my scraps! I am really conservative with paper and usually get a lot out of it so the amount of scraps I had was still relatively small. But actually throwing out all the old paper that I won't use was very freeing! lol. I don't' have to *worry* about trying to use and keep those scraps that deep down I know I will never use.

So here is what I am left with.... just two little packets, pp and solids:

I used my favorite label maker (from DYMO - got it at Target!)

I grouped all my patterned papers from each collection that I wanted to keep together with a small binder clip. I mostly use my scraps for cards so this way if I need to make a card all the coordinating papers are already together!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow - for all the Americans anyway. For me I will be shopping since the stores are open in Canada... and M's is having 25% off the entire purchase tomorrow! yay!
I will post all the goodies I buy tomorrow :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The one with all the ribbon

I love ribbon... especially if its a shade of brown... or if its frilly... or has polka dots... or stripes.... well pretty much all ribbon!! I used to keep it all in a clear makeup bag that I punched holes in. But now that I mostly scrapbook from home I wanted a way to organize it a little better. So here it is... my rainbow of ribbon:

There was a weird skinny bar on the inside of the closet door in my scraproom that I didn't ever know what to do with. I was going to take it down and put up some hooks... but then I saw an idea on two peas about making your own version of clip it ups! I used the black dividers from my clip it up, cut horizontal strips in each one and fed the ribbon through. The hole in the top fits perfectly on the bar!
I have to say that I love how it looks so much! It makes me smile every time I see it. The best part is that I can *see* it all and use it much more often when I scrapbook!

I have lots of scrappy stuff to share... but I can't til next week. A couple of projects I have done that I can't share just yet!
Since this Thursday is American Thanksgiving I have a short week! YAY!! I plan on getting a lot of stuff done on Thursday... and planning out my shopping trip on Black Friday! I really hope to get most of my Christmas shopping done then. Going to miss all my girls since none of them can make it this year :(
But I will see all of them on Saturday night... I am having a PJ party at my house. Drinks, Chick Flicks and lots of food and snack! Can't wait!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The one with some quick cards

Literally the quickest cards I have made in a while. I had to make a wedding card for my friend Jen who is going to her cousin's wedding this weekend. I sat down with no inspiration... and a messy desk with lots of scraps. So I started to play with the scraps (from the Bloom and Grow Line) and came up with these two cards pretty quickly!
(sorry for the crummy quality... they were taken late at night)
You can never have too many birthday cards on hand!
So then I had to make the wedding card... I like wedding cards to be clean and simple. Some people like to keep their cards and I want something that will be nice for years to come. So I used paper that I got at Archivers to make a sample wedding invite.... but never got around to it!
You can't tell from the photo put it is a creamy shimmer paper, very heavy weight.
A little rub on and lots of bling and I was done! Not too shabby for an hours work.
Oh and if anyone has a trick to getting those bling shapes to go on easily and straight... let me know! They are beautiful but drive me nuts!

I am so very glad its Friday today! Since I was away last weekend there is lots of stuff to catch up on around the house. This weekend is our 'calm before the storm' we are calling it...nothing planned this weekend and so we are going to enjoy it before the Christmas parties start! Our weekends are totally booked up with stuff until we get back from our cruise in January! I love the Christmas and the non stop parties... its my most favorite time of the year :)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The one with a quick trip

So this has been one of the most crazy things I ever did! I had plans for the whole weekend... scrapbooking, shopping, hanging out with friends and a craft show! Well I didn't do any of it!!! Instead I flew down to Myrtle Beach to hang out and golf with my brother. On Thursday night I decided to go.... booked a flight for the next morning... stayed up almost all night packing and getting ready... less than 12 hours later I was in Myrtle Beach on a golf course!
The first day we played at Waterway Hills... it was kind of cold but so good to be out golfing again. We went to dinner at Carabas after... really good food.
The second day we golfed at the Legends - much nicer than the first course... and the weather was nice and warm as well! We played the Highlands course. The clubhouse and facilities were awesome:

Andrew posing after a good shot:

Our stuff:

After golf we went to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. The food and drinks were amazing :) I wish I would have taken a picture of the drink!!!

Me and the big blender:
After dinner we walked around the boardwalk, fed the ducks and played some mini putt! Andrew and I are big fans of the mini putt :)

I didn't get any scrapping done (obviously!).... but I hope to this weekend... and now I have more pics to scrap!! yay!!

Hopefully more scrapbook posts to come this week!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The one with some Catch Up

I have been very busy lately and my blog had to take a back seat! Lots of fun stuff going on though! Spent most of the weekend with Jen at a craft sale in Maidstone. The weather was so beautiful so we didn't get the turn out we had hoped for!

Saturday night was my friend Cynthia's bachlorette party at the Room. Pauline, Josie and I met up at Paula's house to have a few drinks and some really great Chinese food. We had so much fun just hanging out. We met up with Cynthia and the rest of the girls downtown for some more fun and dancing! (I don't know why but my camera has been very fuzzy lately... might be time to upgrade my point and shoot!)
Going back to Tuesday night now.... I went to the Detroit Marathon Volunteer Party at the Motor City Casino. The best part of the night was getting to see Callista! I miss her soooo much :) The food was good and it was a really cool venue overall.
This weekend I have lots of fun stuff planned as well. Saturday, Jess, Krysti and I are doing a scrapbook shopping trip over to Scrappy Chic and Archivers. Then back to Jess' house to hang out and scrapbook. There is a new scrapbook store that has opened in Amherstburg , hopefully we get back from the states in time to check it out as well!
Sunday another craft sale with Jen in Amherstburg as well. I hope it goes better than last weeks one!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The one with a Sceret

I am sooooo over the moon excited today! I got invited to create a page for the PageMaps December issue! I can't tell you anymore about it.... its a secret :) But I can tell you the sketch is AMAZING and I can't wait to play with it.
Head on over to Page Maps today to check out the November maps that went up last week. They have sketches for Basic Gray and cards as well. If your in a rut its a great place to get your creative juices flowing again.
I will post my sketch and creation once it goes live next month. Just a little teaser today!

Tomorrow I am heading out to a craft sale with my friend Jen. She will be selling her cute YennyBee baby products. I also made a bunch of greeting cards to sell at the show. I have only made my cards for friends and family so I have no idea how they will sell. Check out Jen's website for location and maps....... if you are in the area come visit us!!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The one with a BIG mini

My friend Jen (of www.yennybee.com) sent me some pictures of a mini album that I made for her. She wanted something that she could bring with her to show off what she makes and not have to bring all of her products. It started out as a few pages.... but grew to almost 20. She has so many great products I wanted to get them all in there!
Here is the cover:
Example of some product pages:
The inside back cover:
The 'Bee' of the logo I helped design in Illustrator.... i think its super cute!
And so is all of her stuff.... you need to head on over to www.yennybee.com . She just added a few new things to her product line... so check it out!

Happy Monday!