Friday, November 20, 2009

The one with some quick cards

Literally the quickest cards I have made in a while. I had to make a wedding card for my friend Jen who is going to her cousin's wedding this weekend. I sat down with no inspiration... and a messy desk with lots of scraps. So I started to play with the scraps (from the Bloom and Grow Line) and came up with these two cards pretty quickly!
(sorry for the crummy quality... they were taken late at night)
You can never have too many birthday cards on hand!
So then I had to make the wedding card... I like wedding cards to be clean and simple. Some people like to keep their cards and I want something that will be nice for years to come. So I used paper that I got at Archivers to make a sample wedding invite.... but never got around to it!
You can't tell from the photo put it is a creamy shimmer paper, very heavy weight.
A little rub on and lots of bling and I was done! Not too shabby for an hours work.
Oh and if anyone has a trick to getting those bling shapes to go on easily and straight... let me know! They are beautiful but drive me nuts!

I am so very glad its Friday today! Since I was away last weekend there is lots of stuff to catch up on around the house. This weekend is our 'calm before the storm' we are calling it...nothing planned this weekend and so we are going to enjoy it before the Christmas parties start! Our weekends are totally booked up with stuff until we get back from our cruise in January! I love the Christmas and the non stop parties... its my most favorite time of the year :)


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