Monday, March 29, 2010

The one with a quickie!

A quick layout that is :) Just whipped this one out in about an hour....and yes that is quick for me :) I love when I know what I want to do and what embellishments I want to use. This paper is from MME - Andrea Victoria line.

Thickers for the title of course! Some Prima bling swirls, AC ribbon and black bazzill. Done and done!

If you have noticed that a lot of the pictures I have been scrapping lately have been in black and white.... there is a reason for this. The dining room on the cruise was very ugly for taking pictures BUT all of our pictures seem to be in that room! There is so much red and black in the lighting and background, not to mention other people and plates and servers and shiny surfaces like mirrors and windows... it has been so much easier to just make them back and white!! It has actually been really fun since I can use almost any paper I want with the pictures!! I have a few more pictures from this same night so I will be making a second page to go next to this one.

Anyway... Tomorrow the golf course opens :) yayayayay!!!! I am going to be out there bright and early! Hopefully it will be warm and NO rain!

We leave for Montreal tomorrow night as well. So I will be gone all week. No scrapping for a whole week... and a lot of French! We are going to visit my husband's grandmother who lives about 6 hours north of Montreal. Lots of driving! The family is having a party for her 80th birthday this weekend. I made a cute album with pictures of all her kids (8!) and their families and old pictures of when she was young. I really hope that she likes it. I gave it to my MIL already or I would have posted pics!

Hope you all have a great week!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

The one with a couple updates

I love design shows. Anything on HGTV is good tv to me. One of the tips that I have heard often is to take a picture of your space. It is easier to analyze whats wrong or off when you see it in a picture. I think this holds true with scrapbook pages as well! After posting the picture yesterday of my BG layout I was really not happy with it. So last night I got to work updating!
Here is the new, updated layout:
A little sewing and some buttons gave it the punch it needed. So now I'm happy with it :)

I am also happy with my progress in my painting! Today I got two coats on the wall and its drying as I type.
Can't remember the name of the color... but I call it 'golden wheat field'. Kinda yellow, kinda gold, kind taupe.
I already have my bedding and drapes so this was picked to go with them. I will hopefully have it all put together tomorrow to show you!
And of course I could not have got it done without my little helper....
She has to be in the middle of everything I do.... so she stayed on the bed and inspected my work as I went along!

Off now to babysit for my friend Jen tonight! She is a crazy good belly dancer and needs me to cover since her hubby is out of town :) Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The one with rotten bananas!

Sometimes I think my husband does it on purpose. If he leaves the bananas sitting out long enough they will go rotten.... and I will make Banana muffins because I don't want to waste them! Yesterday I had 4 sitting on my counter so I made Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. Large and small.
I was in a very productive mood yesterday! I got a lot of house cleaning done. Washed the bedding and put on the new comforter cover. Made some calls that were on my list to be done and made this layout!
Ever since I got my BG Green at heart stuff I wanted to play with it so badly! So I pulled out these pictures and went for it! Everything on this layout is BG except the rubons which are AC. I feel like it is still a little unfinished... maybe some sewing or buttons are needed? hum...

I just LOVE these letters.... I wish they came in every color!

Today I went and got paint for my bedroom! Its pretty much the last room that needs to be painted. I am so excited I want to start right now.... but I will have to wait til tomorrow. I have a girl coming tonight for invites and some more errands to run. But I will show you some before and after pics for sure :)

Its beautiful here.... and the news is the golf course opens on Tuesday! So excited... already told my brother that we have to be out there first thing on Tuesday! :)

Enjoy the afternoon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The one with a wedding pic

With the crummy rainy weather yesterday I didn't get too much done. I wasn't feeling every productive. But I did manage to get this layout done!
Mostly Prima products here. Paper, flowers and bling swirls! The butterfly from Jenni Bowlin was not the one given to me in my design team package but I had the pink ones already and this one matched better so I swapped them out.
The flower with the white things in the middle I bought a few weeks ago so I made the other flowers with misc primas I had around and used the MME brads for the center. Usually I like to use a lot of paper in my layouts but this is just one sheet of the prima. Lots going on already.... but I like how it turned out!
Today I need to come up with some samples for a bride I am meeting with tomorrow night! Very excited for her project. It is not a traditional invitation at all. I will share more when I have some pictures :)
Have a great afternoon!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with some Cosmo Cricket

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

I had a really fun weekend getting to do the two things I love most, golf and scrapbooking! On Saturday, my dad, Andrew, Alain and I went to Carl's Golfland.....heaven for golfers. Alain got a new driver for a great price. He was much overdue for a new driver! Then we went for Coney's. Its our tradition.

Sunday I met up with Angela from the Design Team at Scrappy Chic for a crop! It was a lot of fun and very productive. Angela is a very quick scrapper... and I am not :) So I got 2 pages done and I think she was at 4 and some cards!

This first layout is Cosmo Cricket Joy Ride paper. Really liked working with this line! (don't mind the bad scan... looks better in real life!)

This second layout is..... well its done :) I had an idea for a grid design....but it didn't quite come together. I had a really hard time with it. You can't love them all right :) Its Cosmo Cricket Material Girl.
I still have a couple layouts to do for this month so I might work on them today. Its cold and overcast here today. A good day to stay in and scrapbook :)


Friday, March 19, 2010

The one with my inspiration journal

Just wanted to share my inspiration journal with you today! I was given this little coil notebook when I got engaged to jot down all my wedding planning info.... but I never ended up using it. So when I started to scrapbook I grabbed it to jot down design ideas in. I always say I am going to alter it to be more scrappy... hasn't happened yet!
On the right side page is a project sheet from Micheal's.... and on the left some sketch doodles.
When I go on a trip I like to write down what we did every day so when I go back to scrapbook it I have the exact date and I can put all my pages in order.

Since inspiration comes at almost any time... and usually when I don't have my book with me, I have a lot of little scraps of paper that I doodle on at work or on the go. I just paste them in when I get home. I usually have a bunch of them piled in my purse.

I did try and use a download I got for a page planner but it didn't work for me so I just pasted those sketches in my book as well.
Overall I don't try and organize it too much. Just add to it as it comes to me. I tend to remember things when I write them down. Then when I am going to do a layout I can flip though and get some ideas of where to start. It really helps when I am stuck or am not feeling my most creative!

This week has been a very loooonnnngg one. I am so glad that its Friday! Helping Sean and Mahsa move was so much fun! I got to see their new place.... and its awesome! Sean was living in not much more than 200sf and now has almost 1000sf! Andrew and I built book cases and put furniture together and my mom cleaned the bathrooms and waxed the hardwoods so now they shine. The place is starting to look great. I can't wait til they get the rest of their furniture.

Tonight I am going to my parents for dinner.... we have an old friend of the family coming for dinner. We haven't seen her in almost 10 years so there will be lots to catch up on! So excited :)

Hope you have a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The one with a Plan!

Just wanted to let all of you who are local to Scrappy Chic know that Angela and I are planning to meet up on Sunday for a crop at the store. Its a free crop from 12-6pm.
Angela tells me that she has never been to a crop.... and its been a long time for me! So come out and join us if you can make it! I think it will be a fun afternoon.
Check out the calendar here for more crop info!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The one with new DT stuff!

Let me start out by showing you what I got in my newest Design Team package. Mostly paper this time around. Here is the sheet of flocked paper from the MME Lush line.
Lush bling brads, Jeni Bowlin buttons and butterfly!
Some Prima papers..... hummm... might be able to pull out all my prima stuff I just bought last week :)
Two lines from Cosmo Cricket.... have to say I have never used their stuff before! The first line is Material Girl.
And the second is Joy Ride.
Both lines have a vintage feel to me. I will be pulling out some older pics for the Material girl collection.... and some road trip pics for the Joy Ride!

Of course while I was there I did some shopping of my own :)
Chris was *literally* just putting out all this BG Green at Heart when I walked in. Do you think I went a little too crazy???? Paper pack, chipboard letter, bloomers, journal pieces and card kit!!
From what I had seen online I wasn't too crazy about the line... but in person it is so awesome!
Here are some close ups of the letters... they are polka dot!! Ahhhh love it :)

And the journal pieces are great for layouts and cards!
And here is the card kit. I have never done one of these before... but I thought it would be a quick fun project. I do need a lot of cards coming up soon!
These paper from the Dear Lizzy line are so awesome! They are adhesive backed fabric paper! I soooo can't wait to play with these. There are some fabric flowers she made on her blog (Dear Lizzy ) that I need to try for sure!
Well tomorrow I am going to Toronto with my brother Andrew to help my other brother, Sean, and his Fiancee Mahsa move! Its quite a different kind of ordeal when you are moving in apartments rather than houses. They have to RENT the service elevator so you need to be quick and efficient! Between Andrew (the brawn) and me (the brains) we will have then moved in and organized in no time ;)

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I had a surprise party for my hubby's 30th birthday on Friday.... pictures to come soon :)
Thanks to everyone that helped me pull it off.... even if he wasn't really surprised :( lol.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The one with a quick Layout

After posting those gorgeous papers yesterday I just couldn't wait to play! I made this quick layout.... and by quick I mean I did it in one sitting and had the idea before I sat down. I am not a fast scrappy by any means! Could also have been quick since I did not use as much product as I usually do. Still I like how it turned out!

These pics were taken on our cruise... obviously :) but they work really well with the feel of the papers. As soon as as I saw the banner paper I knew this is what I wanted to do with it. Also feel like I need to get on the banner band wagon... they seem to be everywhere! Check out this post by Erin Lincoln and this one by Kimmi Achord.

Close up of my banner and detail of me new punch! Its my new favorite....wish I could remember its name now :) But its from Fiskers.... they have the best punches!

Off to finish cleaning my house :(


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The one with some Girls' Paperie

Maybe its the unusually warm weather we have had here the last few days.... or maybe because I want it to be spring already... either way I have been buying a lot of flowers lately! Last week it was lots of Prima and now this little collection pack from Kaiser Crafts! Its so cute and such a great deal - for around $6 you get bunch of paper flowers, lace flower, large pearl brads, string of pearls and lace ribbon! Plus you just can't beat how cute the packaging is! Totally reusable too!

These Dear Lizzy crochet flowers will add so much texture to a layout! Can't wait to use them. I can see stacking them on other paper flowers or scalloped circles.... my favorite.
But my best buy was all the yummy paper from the Girls' Paperie! I got almost all of the paper in both the boy and girl line.
This boy line is travel infused with stamps and banners. The colors will be prefect for some cruise pics with all the bright colors!

The girl line is just so adorable in light pink and citrus green. So many uses for these.
This week I also need to head over to get my design team kit for the month of March. I really have no idea what I am going to get. I'm sure Angela picked out some great stuff though! I will be sure to post it all here when I pick it up!
Off to get my hair cut now.... its been way too long... and its getting way too long :)
Nothing drastic, just trim up a few inches and thin it out big time!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The one with the Mahsa Invite!

Yesterday afternoon my Sister-in-law-to-be came over and we made her invites! They are a really cute outer that fold up to be about 4.25"x5". We used a scalloped monogram sticker to close them. The great thing about these is that they don't even need an envelope! We are just going to add the address and stamp on the back and put them in the mail.

This is the inside of the invite. Very fresh and girlie!
Close up:
This is another version that I did for her to choose from. I really like the bold flowers on this one!
Now I just can't wait for the shower. I have most of it organized. Just need to order the favors and get some small door prizes! Our favors are going to be two tea pyramids from Tea Forte ( I fell in love with this tea when I got some for my shower. English Breakfast and Earl Grey are the best!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The one with a little of this and that

Picture heavy post today! But the pictures are the best part right?
I showed some little parts of this in my Glimmer Mist post, but here is the whole layout. Julia is the sweetest most honest and beautiful person you could ever meet. I am really honored to be her friend. It was her birthday on the 20th... so a late happy birthday shout out to Julia :)

Now some of the Prima goodness I mentioned yesterday......
Love the texture in these!!
And I think these would love so good with the new BG Capella line.... whenever I can get my hands on it.... its not soon enough! The little flowers make it seem very wedding-y to me.

Some bling too... might not be brand new... but I like the idea of the two colors... and that I could put this with brown paper. Don't have any bling to put with brown yet so excited for these!

Last but not least.... they aren't Prima but a company that I believe is new... at least I have not heard of them before - Creative Charms. Again I love that I can use this with brown... since I seem to use a lot of that color :)

Last but not least.... a fun picture for today.... its my Baby! Since I have been home its funny to see her daily routine. Sleep on the bed for 5 hours. Eat. Sleep til dinner. Beg for some of our dinner. Sleep. Some playful or snuggle time around 10pm. Sleep. She is just too darn cute :)

Heading over to the states again today. Dropping my brother and dad at the airport. Then back to see if my package arrived for the shower invites (fingers crossed!). I hope they are in so I can get started on them tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The one with 2 posts!

So to make up for not posting when I said I would.... I am posting twice today! lol.

Actually... I just forgot to add this to my last post and its just so much easier to make a new post. So here it is. My BG Origins layout finished. I noticed how un-finished it looked when I posted it here the other day.... it looks better now! :)

Unfortunately the 'photomerge' in photoshop did not do a great job on this one again.... right through my face and the clip on the bottom... kinda wonky. Anyway... you get the idea :)

Oh and the "fun fun fun" is a quote from the cruise... each night at dinner the host would say "Lets have some fun - Fun Fun Fun!!" and everyone would repeat "fun fun fun!". You kinda had to be there... but if you have been on a cruise (Carnival) then you know how they do those crazy dances at night! So much fun :)


The one with some Glimmer

Ok I am a day late... but better late than never :) Here are a few of the little things I have been doing with my Glimmer Mist:
This first is a set of chipboard butterflies! I find that I get the best results when I ink them first in a solid base color that is similar to the mist color. You get a really rich look this way....

These letters were a bit of a challange! They were originally white Thickers... so they had a little glossy finish to them. I just sanded them lightly and inked them in the dark plum color before I sprayed them with the mist. They turned out cute.... more of an antique look... but I don't mind that!
This last piece I played with layering colors. I lightly inked the piece in jumbo java (brown:) and then added the green mist overtop. It is hard to tell in the picture but it looks pretty cool in real life. You definetly get more of the green color coming out than this picture shows. Then I added rubons overtop of the mist... they stuck really well!
So today I went over to the States to pick up paper for another set of shower invites... but they didn't come in yet! The shipping thing must have been wrong... so I will have to go back again soon! Oh well... at least I got to shop a little today :)
Added a bottle of pink glimmer mist to my collection!!! yay!!! And LOTS of new prima.... I think I went a little prima crazy!!! ----> I have pics but will have to post them tomorrow!
Out to dinner tonight with my parents and my brother :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

The one with my new MM Shelf...

or Embellishment Center.... or whatever you call it! A couple weeks ago my mom was in Mike's and found it for a really great price. She thought it would look good in my room... and it does :)

It is the *perfect* size to hold my new collection of Glimmer Mists! Thankfully I have lots of room to grow with these because I think I am hooked. I need every color now! Last weekend when I was shopping at Scrappy Chic I picked up green, blue and purple. Three colors that I think I will be able to use a lot. Now I need pink, and white and orange...... yikes :)

So far this is all I have on my shelf:
Pretty messy looking right now..... but I working on it. I am also thinking that I don't need the dowels for the ribbon. I have another storage solution for them so I think I need something to put on those shelves. The next has my stamps glimmer mists and some 'Invites By Liz' cards and magnets :) Then a shelf for all my paper samples for invites.
I found these little glass vases at M's in their glass section. They were about $3 each and then 40% off..... so a great deal cheaper than the jars they sell to fit in these cubbies. So far I like how they look holding all of my flowers.
And here is the overall shot of it on the wall. Above my expedit and Clip It Ups.
Its a work in progress. I think I like organizing my stuff as much as I like using it :) lol.
Tomorrow I will show you what I have been doing with my new Glimmer Mists!
If you have an embellishment center let me know any tips you have for making it look organized and not just a bunch of clutter! I can use the help :)