Friday, March 19, 2010

The one with my inspiration journal

Just wanted to share my inspiration journal with you today! I was given this little coil notebook when I got engaged to jot down all my wedding planning info.... but I never ended up using it. So when I started to scrapbook I grabbed it to jot down design ideas in. I always say I am going to alter it to be more scrappy... hasn't happened yet!
On the right side page is a project sheet from Micheal's.... and on the left some sketch doodles.
When I go on a trip I like to write down what we did every day so when I go back to scrapbook it I have the exact date and I can put all my pages in order.

Since inspiration comes at almost any time... and usually when I don't have my book with me, I have a lot of little scraps of paper that I doodle on at work or on the go. I just paste them in when I get home. I usually have a bunch of them piled in my purse.

I did try and use a download I got for a page planner but it didn't work for me so I just pasted those sketches in my book as well.
Overall I don't try and organize it too much. Just add to it as it comes to me. I tend to remember things when I write them down. Then when I am going to do a layout I can flip though and get some ideas of where to start. It really helps when I am stuck or am not feeling my most creative!

This week has been a very loooonnnngg one. I am so glad that its Friday! Helping Sean and Mahsa move was so much fun! I got to see their new place.... and its awesome! Sean was living in not much more than 200sf and now has almost 1000sf! Andrew and I built book cases and put furniture together and my mom cleaned the bathrooms and waxed the hardwoods so now they shine. The place is starting to look great. I can't wait til they get the rest of their furniture.

Tonight I am going to my parents for dinner.... we have an old friend of the family coming for dinner. We haven't seen her in almost 10 years so there will be lots to catch up on! So excited :)

Hope you have a good weekend!!!

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