Thursday, March 25, 2010

The one with a couple updates

I love design shows. Anything on HGTV is good tv to me. One of the tips that I have heard often is to take a picture of your space. It is easier to analyze whats wrong or off when you see it in a picture. I think this holds true with scrapbook pages as well! After posting the picture yesterday of my BG layout I was really not happy with it. So last night I got to work updating!
Here is the new, updated layout:
A little sewing and some buttons gave it the punch it needed. So now I'm happy with it :)

I am also happy with my progress in my painting! Today I got two coats on the wall and its drying as I type.
Can't remember the name of the color... but I call it 'golden wheat field'. Kinda yellow, kinda gold, kind taupe.
I already have my bedding and drapes so this was picked to go with them. I will hopefully have it all put together tomorrow to show you!
And of course I could not have got it done without my little helper....
She has to be in the middle of everything I do.... so she stayed on the bed and inspected my work as I went along!

Off now to babysit for my friend Jen tonight! She is a crazy good belly dancer and needs me to cover since her hubby is out of town :) Wish me luck!!!


Tracy said...

Love your layout and the colour of your room.

Lydia said...

Love the towel creatures, so fun, great layout!!