Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The one with 2 posts!

So to make up for not posting when I said I would.... I am posting twice today! lol.

Actually... I just forgot to add this to my last post and its just so much easier to make a new post. So here it is. My BG Origins layout finished. I noticed how un-finished it looked when I posted it here the other day.... it looks better now! :)

Unfortunately the 'photomerge' in photoshop did not do a great job on this one again.... right through my face and the clip on the bottom... kinda wonky. Anyway... you get the idea :)

Oh and the "fun fun fun" is a quote from the cruise... each night at dinner the host would say "Lets have some fun - Fun Fun Fun!!" and everyone would repeat "fun fun fun!". You kinda had to be there... but if you have been on a cruise (Carnival) then you know how they do those crazy dances at night! So much fun :)



Tracy said...

I love this layout.
Is it paper or digital

Liz Michaud said...

Its paper. I just used photoshop to scan it for the Scrappy Chic website.