Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The one with rotten bananas!

Sometimes I think my husband does it on purpose. If he leaves the bananas sitting out long enough they will go rotten.... and I will make Banana muffins because I don't want to waste them! Yesterday I had 4 sitting on my counter so I made Banana Chocolate Chip muffins. Large and small.
I was in a very productive mood yesterday! I got a lot of house cleaning done. Washed the bedding and put on the new comforter cover. Made some calls that were on my list to be done and made this layout!
Ever since I got my BG Green at heart stuff I wanted to play with it so badly! So I pulled out these pictures and went for it! Everything on this layout is BG except the rubons which are AC. I feel like it is still a little unfinished... maybe some sewing or buttons are needed? hum...

I just LOVE these letters.... I wish they came in every color!

Today I went and got paint for my bedroom! Its pretty much the last room that needs to be painted. I am so excited I want to start right now.... but I will have to wait til tomorrow. I have a girl coming tonight for invites and some more errands to run. But I will show you some before and after pics for sure :)

Its beautiful here.... and the news is the golf course opens on Tuesday! So excited... already told my brother that we have to be out there first thing on Tuesday! :)

Enjoy the afternoon!


Christy said...

mmmm the muffins look delicious! I have some bananas in my freezer and would love to try these! If my bf loves anything more that chocolate chips I would be surprised!

Tracy said...

Those muffins look yummy. I usually make banana bread. My girls love when I put chocolate chips in them.