Monday, March 1, 2010

The one with my new MM Shelf...

or Embellishment Center.... or whatever you call it! A couple weeks ago my mom was in Mike's and found it for a really great price. She thought it would look good in my room... and it does :)

It is the *perfect* size to hold my new collection of Glimmer Mists! Thankfully I have lots of room to grow with these because I think I am hooked. I need every color now! Last weekend when I was shopping at Scrappy Chic I picked up green, blue and purple. Three colors that I think I will be able to use a lot. Now I need pink, and white and orange...... yikes :)

So far this is all I have on my shelf:
Pretty messy looking right now..... but I working on it. I am also thinking that I don't need the dowels for the ribbon. I have another storage solution for them so I think I need something to put on those shelves. The next has my stamps glimmer mists and some 'Invites By Liz' cards and magnets :) Then a shelf for all my paper samples for invites.
I found these little glass vases at M's in their glass section. They were about $3 each and then 40% off..... so a great deal cheaper than the jars they sell to fit in these cubbies. So far I like how they look holding all of my flowers.
And here is the overall shot of it on the wall. Above my expedit and Clip It Ups.
Its a work in progress. I think I like organizing my stuff as much as I like using it :) lol.
Tomorrow I will show you what I have been doing with my new Glimmer Mists!
If you have an embellishment center let me know any tips you have for making it look organized and not just a bunch of clutter! I can use the help :)


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