Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The one with a New Year...

Happy (belated) New Year to all!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday! I took a little non-planned vacation from blogging because there has just been too much going on. Where to start...

When I last blogged we were finishing up our bathroom reno - which is now 99.9% done. I feel like there are a few little touch ups that could be done so I can't say we are 100% there! Once we finished the bathroom I decided that our bedroom looked a little sad. So now we are almost done with that room as well. Our new bed should arrive sometime this week. I will share pictures of both projects soon!

On the 29th of November I celebrated my 30th birthday. Well actually that's not entirely true - I turned 30 but did NOT celebrate at all. We had a small birthday dinner with my family the weekend before and that was it. On my actual birthday I had a meeting until 9pm which kept me busy and made me think about it a little less. lol!

Alain knew I didn't want a big party - or any party - so instead he got me a little something to cheer me up :)

Yes that is my brand new iPad2!!! Its so white and shiny and cool!!! I love it sooooo much. It may also be the reason that I didn't scrapbook too much lately - Pinterest is just so cool on the Ipad... not to mention all the fun games that totally suck you in (My Town, Angry Birds, Mr.Giggles - just to name a few).

I do have a back log of layouts from before the Holidays that I have not had time to share yet... so today I will share a quick layout using lots of great fall stuff from LYB! I love these colours so much! The papers make it easy to make quick beautiful layouts. I added some Studio Calico letter stickers that are some of my favorites!!
The little flower in the corner was made with the 'paper flower kit' which I love. All the pieces match so its perfect!

Have a great week and hopefully I will be back soon with some reno pictures!


Sue Althouse said...

One home improvement project always leads to another, doesn't it? Happy belated birthday, wish I was 30 again! I love my iPad, so wonderful to have it with me wherever I go. Love the LYB papers, another wonderful layout!

Angela said...

Look at you, sneaking right into your thirties without any fanfare at all! Tricky girl!

Your iPad looks like a lot of fun...the kind of fun that might need to come live at our house :)

I'm glad you had fun with the LYB line -- it has "Liz" written all over it. Plus, I love Astoria -- yummy!

Becky said...

I agree that Pinterest and iPad are so fun. Love that LO!