Friday, January 22, 2010

The one with Atlantis

I know its been forever! Between Christmas shopping, spending time with family, work and our cruise something had to give and it was the blog.

But since we have been back I have been in the mood to scrapbook like crazy! I think its all the good pictures I have now.
Here we are at Atlantis:This is the beach at Atlantis:

I have cleaned out my stash big time for the Scrappy Chic yard sale next weekend. I have so much stuff to sell. Hopefully this one will have a much better turnout than the last!

Alain has been working some crazy long hours lately... so tonight we rented a bunch of movies and we are going to hang out! He has to go into work tomorrow too so I plan on scrapping all day :) I should have time to post a bunch of projects that I have done recently as well. That's my goal anyway!

So I hope to be back soon... have a good weekend!

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