Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The one with a Butterfly Garden

Sorry I have been so MIA the past few weeks. Golf season has started --- Did you watch the Masters?!! --- and the course opened so we have been out playing any chance we can get. It's also getting to be wedding season - which means that I have been busy with lots of invites!

In between work, golf, invites, working out, sleeping.... I have managed to fit in a couple layouts. This month I got some Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden and its just so beautiful! It was hard for me to cut up any of the pages.

I found this old Polaroid of my Dad and I circa 1983. It was taken at Storybook Gardens in London, Ontario. We used to go there a lot as a kid... and I am sure its changed so much since then!
Some close up details of the flowers - had these in my stash for a while so I was happy to use them (Maya Road)
Did a little stamping and embossing on the mini envelope (Melissa Francis)! The leaves were white and I misted and inked them (Prima). Love how they turned out.

In other news- Maya is super cute - but driving us crazy! If you know of any way to get her to STOP peeing on our couch I could use any advice at this point. I have no idea why and its so random too. The littler is clean and she didn't do it for two weeks then again this morning. Good thing she is soooo cute.

I tried to get a picture of the two cats together but Maya was too interested in the camera!! lol.

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Hope you have a great day!


Anonymous said...


Maya's a cutie. I heard there is a product called "Boundary" that is good for keeping those four-legged sweethearts out of off-limit places. Good luck.

Now for Storybook Gardens, that brings back memories. But we are talking about the 60's. I wonder if it's still there.

Handmade Hannah said...

Wow i love that layout - you have incorporated all the different elements so well. Thanks for sharing you lovely page :)

Margie H said...

Beautiful page, Liz! Do I see a little weaving in the background? I might have to get this collection.

Hope you find a solution for the Maya issue...soon! She is a cutie!

Sharla said...

Gorgeous layout, how neat to have found a picture with your dad. Maya is super cute!

hilde janbroers said...


Mary Pat Siehl said...

great projects

Tammy said...

Awesome layout - love the older photo. The paper and the flowers set it off beautifully!

ScrappnBee said...

Gorgeous card and great layout! I wish that I knew! SIL is living with us, and one cat keeps peeing in front of my daughter's door at night. Definately not cool. YOu may be able to get spray from Petco or a pet store to keep the cat off the couch all together, but I do not know if it will help the actual behavior. Sorry!

robindefender said...

Love your layout. It's possible that she's peeing on the couch because she's sick. Maybe you should run it by the vet. She is a total cutie, by the way.

Tracy said...

Your layout is sooooo pretty. So sweet to have a photo of you and your dad when you were so young.
Golf season, our courses still have snow or are still to wet, not that I play.
About your cat, maybe she has a bladder infection and can't control herself? I have heard of that before.

Angela said...

Oh, I'm sorry Maya's still peeing -- did you try a second box? If that and a trip to the vet don't work, maybe try leaving some foil on the couch when you aren't there -- cats hate stepping on it, so maybe she'll give up.

That said, your layout is so lovely and elegant and detailed, and the photo is awesome! Love little-you layouts!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Wonderful layout! You are such a versatile scrapper! All good suggestions about your kitty. The area she pees on will need to be cleaned thoroughly, because once they smell that, they think it's okay to keep going there! Aaaargh!