Thursday, April 14, 2011

The one with some Zippers

Some trends I don't get - random owls and deer on a page about ice cream or babies.... not for me! But Zipper is the new trim - and I am on board with this trend. There are not a lot of embellishments that are rugged and masculine but also work as a flower!

I thought that some zipper would work for these pictures of our last concert of the summer - Green Day. Yes, I know what your thinking - a scrapbooking, country club golfing girl and Green Day? Doesn't seem to go together - but they are Alain's favorite band and over the years seeing them in concert so many times, they are one of mine too! They put on a great show and they actually sing and play their songs almost better than on the album..... The colors didn't turn out that great in the photo (sorry-not enough sun this morning for a good picture!) but the background is suppose to be black and the papers are new from SEI. The 'tape' with the sayings on it is new from EK - part of their smash book collection (not out yet - got the tape at CHA!!) but its the perfect color to match the paper and thickers! Pretty simple layout embellishment wise for me!

Tonight is Alain's last hockey game for the season (yay!) so I am going to watch with a few of our friends. Then attempt to make some chocolate cupcakes for a co-workers birthday tomorrow. I haven't made them in so long - so I hope they turn out well! Hope you have a great day!


Angela said...

Love that you used the SEI stuff for such a "manly" kind of page :)
The zipper just rocks! Oh, and now I feel compelled to add a random deer or owl to the baby page I'm working on ;)
Have fun baking -- I'm off to scrap.

Handmade Hannah said...

lovely masculine layout - all of the elements work perfectly together. Thanks for sharing :)

Elizabeth Schaffer Miranda said...

Fun layout! I am liking the new zipper trend too but have yet to try it out on a layout.

Amy said...

Very nice layout! I love the zipper flower!!! I have heard Green Day is fabulous in concert!!
Good luck with those cupcakes!!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Love that zipper! Love how you lightened the area around your photos, really makes for a stunning layout!