Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The one with my Grandma

This month I ended up making two layouts with photos of my Grandmother. She is my grandma Ganley and she babysat me ever since I was 4 months old.... although she is not really related by blood, she was always my Grandma :)

I found these pictures from the 50th anniversary party that her 14 Children (!!!!!) threw for her.
My grandfather wore his traditional irish kilt. He also played the bagpipes and still to this day every time I hear them it makes me want to cry. He played them at the weddings for his daughters...if he would have been here for my wedding I would have wanted him to play for me too.

My granmother was always so fun.... on the go all the time. She was very involved with her church and since I was at her house most weekends - so was I.
(sorry silly blogger won't let me rotate this pic)
Here we are all dressed up for a big mardi gras party that we helped run. I took tickets at the door and we spend the whole day before decorating the hall.

Love this line from MME - its kind of halloween and kind of fall ish at the same time! Added some bling, twine and misted the hexagon shapes along the side.

Just the other day I posted about my trip to Toronto... and now we are going again :) We will be up there this weekend just to hang out. No official plans yet. Just shopping, hanging out and lots of good food - Sean and Mahsa plan to take us for Sushi for lunch and french food for dinner! Should be lots of fun :)

Before we leave we plan on having the bathroom all finished and put back together. Right now we are so close. Everything is functional except the sink- which I hope will go back in tomorrow!! YAY :) I will post pictures soon!!

Have a great week,

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Angela said...

Hope you're having fun in Toronto - we'll miss you at the crop today.

I just love the photos you've been scrapping lately (and the layouts, of course, but that's always true!). Can't wait to see what you'll do next!