Monday, December 7, 2009

The one with a belated Birthday

So the 29th of November it was my 28th birthday.... and I celebrated with my girlfriends by having a pj party + cocktails :) It turned out to be so much fun!

Pauline brought super cute cupcakes that just happen to match my pjs.... Josie made the best brownies ever... we had so much food we basically just ate for hours!lol...

We also played a mean game of Taboo. It was fun to see people get so competitive ;) but it was all in good fun! My friend Julia was so sweet... she got me the cutest wine glass that I ever saw!
I had my 'strawberry mist' in it all night! (In a blender combine ice, daiquiri mix and bailey's - soooo good!) Also, being the dorky scrappy girl that I am... I had to get cute plates, napkins and cups for everyone else too.... found these cute ones at the Party Warehouse! Going to be making trips there more often!
I made this banner to match the colors of the plates :) It was really fun to make!
This past weekend we had our Christmas party with all our friends. This is our fifth year and so much fun. We had dinner at Armando's then everyone came back to our house for desserts. Norm and Emily came down all the way from Peterborough... it was so good to see them even though it was such a short night!
I am almost done my Christmas shopping now! I can't wait to get it done this weekend. Then I can concentrate on getting my tree up and everything wrapped. I hate waiting til the last minute!

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Casii said...

Sounds like an amazing party! So, I have to know the proportions for the Strawberry Mist cocktail. Wanna try it ASAP! :)