Thursday, December 17, 2009

The one with the sugar cookie contest

My office is very competitive! I don't know why. Maybe its because we have so many Architects? Either way its all in good fun and I love to participate. This year for our Christmas party we had a sugar cookie contest. Everyone who signed up would get a roll of sugar cookie dough. The creation had to be mostly edible and the sky's the limit!

I came in second place with my Christmas stocking. Not to shabby :) The stocking is hollow inside so I could have the candy canes spilling out the top. I made a plate that holds the cookies out of dough as well. The little glass has 'milk' in it for Santa. The note to Santa also made of cookie. Everything is completely edible! (KAHN - is the name of my company)

It was so much fun to make it.... but really I was a little sad because I miss my competition buddy :( Callista and I came in first place last year in the Gingerbread house competition with our Gingerbread Igloo entitled 'Penguins at the Pole'.....

I have a feeling that the little Penguins had something to do with the cute factor. We had the whole scene going on! Fishing penguins, show covered trees, sledding penguins and polar bears!

This week has been the most crazy so far. I think I have had something every night after work. I hope to get to enjoy the holidays a little more next week!


P.S.- Callista I miss you lots :(

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