Thursday, December 10, 2009

The one with what I want for christmas

Does this happen to you? When I go shopping for others I always find things that I want/need for myself! Things I didn't think I needed or knew I wanted. But the more I shop the longer my own list gets as well. Its bad!

I have a few things on my list that I really want... but probably won't buy for myself right now. Especially with the cruise coming up soon and all the Christmas presents for others. Maybe these will be some good hints for Alain ;)

The first is Tilt perfume! Two years ago I got this at a black Friday sale. It was $10 a bottle. Now it is not being made anymore and its very hard to find. I think eBay is the only place and it goes for more than the original price!

The second on my list: A super cute and practical camera strap cover for my DSLR. The one I have hurts my neck and is not cute at all. This one is padded and you can add a little pocket for your lens cap in it as well! I might have to order one of these sooner than later. They are mostly sold on Etsy. This one I found Here !!
The third thing is a nice pair of leather (or leather like) gloves to match my new winter coat! I found these at Coach but any dark brown ones would do.

Last but not least... a cozy and comfortable chair for my office. I currently use a dining room chair. But I would love to have something with wheels and height adjustable. This one is from IKEA!

I really thought I would want more scrapbooking stuff.... but I am on a mission to use what I have at the moment... and really have more than I could ever use. Once CHA is over that story might change. Most of the new stuff out right now is Christmas themed and I don't do too much Christmas scrapping. Maybe the new chair would make me more productive ;)

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Casii said...

I hope you sent DH a link to this blog post! Hope you get all you wish for this Christmas!