Sunday, July 25, 2010

The one with 24 hour notice!

Well maybe a little bit more.... but really at about 11pm last night I got an e-mail from Chris saying that Angela would not be able to go to CHA.... and would I like to go in her place! You don't have to ask me twice :)

Its a very unfortunate situation with Angela not being able to go. I know she was super excited and had everything all set. Even got a new rolling tote! So I am keeping her little kitty Marty in my thoughts and hoping that she gets better soon.

Today was a crazy day, got up super early to make calls to move things around this week so I could go to CHA. Then Alain and I went to a Detroit Tigers baseball game with some of my ex-co-workers, Tim and Ash. We had lots of fun.... and got lots of sun! Boy was it hot up there! lol. Then we walked over to Nikki's pizza after the game... my favorite pizza joint ever!

Once we got back around 6 I still had to pack and get some last minute things organized.... bought a new point-n-shoot camera.... made a card for my Momenta post coming on Thursday.... made dinner.... played with my new camera... now blogging and then off to watch a movie. Phew... makes me tired thinking of it all :)

But I know there will be no time to rest in the next few days! I hear CHA is crazy busy and really fun. I hope to sneak on Chris's computer to do a little blogging while I am there to keep you all up to date!

Have a great night!


Angela said...

Good luck! Give my best to Chris and Mary. Oh, and if you haven't yet, go look at the Webster's pages peeks. Amazing -- and the embellishments? Oy.
Take all the pictures you possibly can!! Marty and I will be watching the computer :)

Jamie Lane said...

Have fun!!