Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The one with some just for me!

This weekend I made a couple layouts that were just for me. Not for any design team! It was really fun to use whatever I wanted for a change.

This first layout is about my 'adopted' grandparents. They babysat me ever since I was 4 months old and my mom had to go back to work. The Ganley's became my grandparents and all of their 15 children!!!! became my aunts and uncles. Since all of my real family did not live in the same city, I was much closer to my Ganley family, spending almost every weekend with them as a child. I bought this paper a few months ago with this picture in mind. I think the feel and the colors of the floral look a little 70's.... (althought his pic was taken in '84)

The paper, trim, and flowers are all Kaiser Crafts. AC thickers (of course) and October afternoon letter stickers for the title. I like that this is more of a simple layout... more about the picture and the story.

This second layout.... well.... not so sentimental.... but a priceless picture for another reason! It makes me laugh! And no... I did not have to make them pose for these. This was all on their own!
My hubby and his brother at the Beer store in New Brunswick. So glad I had my camera out at this moment! Had a feeling that they would be entertaining... since all they talked about the whole trip was when we would have time to get this beer! lol. Not a classy moment by any means. But I tried to bring it up at least with some great Pink Paislee - 365 degree line of papers. This is the 4th layout I think I have done with this line.... I just love the colors so much. Wish I bought more!

One of the fun things that Angela and I did on Sunday was a little product swap! We both brought all of our leftovers from the design team kits that we got over the last 5 months and picked through each others. Since we have really different styles this worked out great. I got some banner stickers, Bo-Bunny scraps and a bunch of great stuff. One of her scraps was a little piece of the Pink Paislee 365 degrees stripe... I was so excited for that since I was all out (note to self ---always buy 2!!!)

I think this is a fun idea that you could do at your next crop or get together with your scrappy friends. What might be a scrap to you would be a gem to someone else :)

Anyway... almost done with my Momenta layouts for this month... will share tomorrow!
Have a great afternoon,


Kelly C said...

great layouts!

Angela said...

Glad my leftovers worked out so well :)
Cute layouts! The one with your adopted grandparents is so sweet, and you know I love those beer-hugging photos!