Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The one with some Friends

I absolutely LOVE the neighborhood that I grew up in. It was beautiful, the neighbors were fun and got along and had lots of kids. Whenever I got by the old house I remember all the good times we had playing there. You know back when kids would play outside all day going from one house to another as long as they were home before dark! It makes me sad that it won't be the same when I have kids of my own.

But we were lucky. Every Canada day weekend my dad and some of the other dad's would collect money from everyone on the block and buy a TON of fireworks. All the moms would make snacks and bring drinks. After the fireworks we would get sparklers and run around in the street!

Late in the summer when I started to get dark earlier, we would have huge games of hide and go seek in the dark. We had teams... usually girls vs boys! In the winter our backyard would flood every year.... which made the best natural ice rink. All the kids would come skating at our house. On snow days all the moms would come over and bring tons of food... all the kids would make snow forts and play in the snow.

Ahh... good times :) .... maybe I should get back on topic to my layout :)

These are some of the neighborhood kids. Me in the front and my brother Sean at the end. Mostly Doodlebug products used here with some KI letter rubons. I really love how this turned out since its very different than my usual style.... but it suits the theme of the paper and picture.

With the lack of sunlight the past couple weeks its been hard to get good pictures of my layouts. So its the best I could get!

In other scrappy news.... the kit that I posed about a couple days ago from Catch the Moments Kits is on sale this week! All the kits that are normally $18 are now $14! So head on over and check it out :)

Have a great day!


Angela said...

Love the way this turned out! That photo is just so dang adorable -- your little brother just cracks me up!

Tracy said...

Love your layout. Ohhh Canadian winters how fun to just go outside with your skates on :)
We used to play hide N seek at night in the summer, Those were the days thats for sure.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great layout! what is it about doodlebug--it is just so darn cute!

Lisa Echerd said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful neighborhood as a child. It was great when you could stay outdoors until dark playing without a care in the world. Very cute layout, too.

ScrappnBee said...

What a great childhood! Love the paper choice, and the swirly trim in the middle! Love it!

Casey Wright said...

What a lovely layout! Isn't it nice to get some of this pics onto layouts? :)TFS!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

What a wonderful photo to have! Your post brought back some favorite neighborhood memories for me!