Friday, August 5, 2011

The one with some Smash

Is it Monday already? This weekend was a blur!

Friday we had all the groomsmen+some friends hanging out at the house, watching movies and eating pizza. Repeat again Saturday morning - two round of breakfast, lots of food, drinks and then getting ready for the wedding at 4pm. After sleeping only a few hours I was up and ready for the scrapbook yard sale at scrappy chic! Got some great deals and shopped the new stuff in the sore.

Angela made it super easy and had the kits ready to pick up as well. Love my kit and can't wait to play with it all. In all the craziness I forgot to bring over my layouts... so I will just have to make another trip soon..... yay :)

I got some SEI paper in my kit last month that I never got around to using. I really was stuck for what photo to use. Then I saw all my new smash stuff sitting on my desk and it reminded me of this picture...
Fawn and I getting Smashed at CHA! I ended up using two pages from my mini smash book as some paper on this layout. The tab at the top is one of the new smash tabs. The rest is paper and die cuts from SEI - Fair Day line. We aren't really at a fair here... but I still think it works.

Super fast layout for me --- literally came together in about 30 mins!
Done and done :)

This weekend we have another wedding... and house guests! So I don't know if I will have any scrapping time this week - so tonight I printed pictures for my kit so if I do get a few minutes I can crank them out. So I need some good inspiration.... what sites do you visit when you need some great inspiration?? Please share your faves!!
Thanks :)


Sue Althouse said...

Love those mustaches and your layout! And that you "forgot" your layouts, thus requiring another trip to Scrappy Chic, very clever. :) For inspiration, I go to Two Peas, where I have saved favorite layouts and bookmarked a few people. Also use my Pinterest boards and look at other scrappers that I follow. And in a pinch, I live close to Joann's, so I can always go there and grab a magazine! Oh, and Elle's Studio and Write.Click.Scrapbook have monthly designer galleries!

Anonymous said...

What a cute page!

Fawn said...

Haha, that was really fun (and funny, too) wasn't it? And I love the adorable layout! Very nice - I'll be scraplifting it, for sure. As for inspiration...I go to two blogs - yours and Angela's. You two are the best!

Angela said...

Aw, thanks up there, Fawn ;) You're pretty nifty, too!
Liz, I love the Smash layout (and Smash goodies, too)! Great idea for those tickets and such.

I'll probably be scrapping my Smash pics soon, too. When I'm stuck for inspiration, i either try to whip up a sketch or lift a sketch from a fab scrapper like you...or I just peruse Pinterest, like Sue. Oh, Pinterest. Creative time sucks are the best!

Tina Johnson said...

Yet another great layout! For inspiration, i love to go to some crafty genius blogs online, like ali edwards, donna downey, or Danielle does amazing cards (I am sooo not good at cards) here Have fun!!