Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The one with 2 Clip It Ups!

I think one of the best scrapbook investments I ever made has been my Clip It Ups! I got my first one in January and filled it quite quickly. Since I do have other organization systems in my space... and no more room!.... I figured I would have to wait until we re-do our basement before I could get another. Well I had a great idea out of the blue.... turn my 2x4 expidet on its side and use it as counter height storage!
Soooo.... now not only do I have enought room to move my first clip it up off my work surface, I now have room for a second one, and a cutting station for my 12x12 paper trimmer.
My other organization system in my room is a peg board. Most inexpensive way to store a lot of stuff! I got the board at home depot ($10) and the pegs at the dollar store ($15). I painted my board the same color as my walls so it doesn't stand out too much.

I found that when I used to store all my stuff in boxes in the closet I would forget what I had! This way its like shopping. I grab my photos or paper and look for stuff that will match. I remember more what I have since I see it more often and it's also very easy to keep my room looking clean this way.
Have a great night!

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