Monday, September 28, 2009

The one with lots of Yennybee!

My bestest friend Jen is the hardest working girl I know! Not only does she work full time, but she has a 17 month old little boy and a side business making the cutest baby accessories EVER!!! Her business is called Yennybee Baby Designs . The other night we got creative and found an easy way to add storage to her display for next to nothing (really it was only $4 for the L brackets!!)

Here is the finished product:

Not the best picture but we finished this up around 11:30 last thursday night! So she already had two of the bookcases so what we did was take two of the shelves and atach them between the bookcases to make the illusion that it was all one piece. It looks so good now and gives her way more storage. I think it looks so professional :) (Have to give my self a pat on the back for using power tools all by myself and not messing up once!)

If you have a little one, or know someone that is expecting, you need to get on over and check out her site! She is based out of Windsor, but will ship anywhere.

In other news, I am going to see the comedian Russell Peters tonight! He is so funny, I can't wait!More scrappy posts to come this week. Had a busy weekend with my company golf outing and dinner with friends on Saturday, and brunch at the in-laws Sunday! No time to be creative, but hopefully this weekend!


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