Thursday, February 18, 2010

The one with some new Product

Do you remember this post ? Well today I walked into Scrappy Chic and it was right there in front of me! I didn't plan on getting anything today except what I needed for the shower invites I am working on.....but I couldn't wait for this stuff!

I think this is my favorite ribbon ever! Its so light and girlie but also a big wow factor on a page. This whole line is very cute.... but I held back a little. I need to learn a little restraint now that I am not working!
Today I went for lunch with some co-workers (or ex-coworkers i guess)... still they are my friends. It was so nice to catch up with Callista. Afterward I went to the office to drop off my paperwork and chit chat with some people.
Now.... I have to vent a little.... I am happy that I will qualify for unemployment....but let me just say that the lady that was working at 'Michigan Works' was NOT very nice. I know I don't have a job but that doesn't mean I am stupid! She was treating everyone there like crap! Rolling her eyes when I would ask her a question! I have never had to apply for unemployment before... how am I suppose to know? She just had an attitude that everyone who walked in to ask questions was wasting her time.
Anyway... so their system was down... which means I have to go back tomorrow morning. I also have to be at the unemployment help center at 7am! Its so much more complicated to apply since I don't live in Michigan. So I am off to bed to get up very early!!!
Tomorrow Alain is leaving for the weekend... so lots of scrapping and invitation making planned! Hopefully lots of good stuff to share!

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Angela said...

Good luck with unemployment -- I hear it's a pain no matter who you are....
The Dear Lizzy stuff is great...although I was drooling over the new cosmo cricket lines myself :)