Friday, June 18, 2010

The one with 2 quickies!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here! Sunny and breezy and not too warm. I spent some time outside gardening.... watering plants and weeding. Have to say its one of my least favorite things to do! But I am determined NOT to kill my flowers this year :)

I let Babe out with me while I was in the back yard. She really loves being outside. I think she misses how she was able to go out a lot more when we lived at my parents house, not in the city, with lots of land around.
She hates the camera so I never get her cute face.... but here she is sunning in the grass...

And when she gets too hot, she goes under the patio table.
In scrappy news, I made a couple quick layouts last night. I don't love these pictures so I just wanted to get them done. A couple from my trip to Myrtle Beach last fall. (BoBunny paper)

This piece of paper I have had for almost 4 years now! I saw it in a store and for some reason only bought one piece!!! There is co-ordinating red words on the back that might have been fun too. But oh well.... at least I finally got to use it. Nothing exciting her! Just wanted to use this paper and put our tickets on it as well.

Not really my 'style' but come on... its a sports page :)
Other than that, I made a really cute wedding seating chart for one of the Brides that I did invites for. Have to post that another day. Still don't have a sample of her invite to share... have to get that back from her!

Tomorrow we are celebrating Fathers day... separately. Turned out that Alain's family and my family both planned stuff on the same night. So I will be going with my family for dinner and Alain will be at his Aunts BBQ. Not enough time to do everything!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Tracy said...

Cute layouts.
Teehee about your cat. Our 13 yr old cat is an indoor cat. But lately my girls have let her out with them close behind, if not carrying her. Well now she wants to go out all the time.