Sunday, June 27, 2010

The one with a wedding card

Back from Vegas... and haven't stopped since! Played golf Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Today was Alain's work golf tournament. We played husbands vs. wives.... and after 16 holes we were tied at 3 under par. We got called off the course because of tornado warnings.... we we had to call it a draw. Still I think we did pretty well!

Now, this is the first card that I have ever made with a picture on it! But I think its so cute.

It is mostly because they are the cutest couple ever :) I made this girl's wedding invitations and her maid of honor asked me to make her an extra special card.

I don't have the sample of her invites unfortunately.... she still has it. But if I get it back I will share. They were really nice!
So this is the seating chart I made to for her. The paper was all left over from the invites so it worked out perfectly!

Colors are a little off in this photo but they were a shimmer mocha color with dark pink accents. There are six cards that she put on a mirror as people entered the hall. She is on her honeymoon now.... but promises she will send pictures of it all together :)

Hope you had a great weekend!
I have lots of scrapping to do this week, as well as a few golf matches that I need to play! So it will be a busy week.
Oh and a Momenta RAK later this week a well :)

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Angela said...

Very sweet card! The seating charts are so elegant...and it must've been a pretty big wedding -- whew!