Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The one with some fun news!

Today was a good mail day! Actual mail and e-mail :)

In my mailbox was my copy of Canadian Scrapbooker.....
....where my layout ' View-From the top of the Rock' can be found on page 32!! yay!!
I sent it in a long time ago so I kinda forgot about it! But its so cool to see my first layout in print! This magazine is awesome too. I have not gotten it before but its 145 pages full of layouts and hardly any advertising. Its also on very nice thick paper... more like a book than a magazine! I can't wait to read it cover to cover... so many great ideas in it!

My second fun news came in an e-mail today!
My layout 'Always' is featured on the IOD facebook page.
Here is the link:!/pages/IOD/276683959589?ref=ts
Now the bummer is that I don't have facebook so I can't see it :(
If you have time to check it out let me know if it looks !!!!
Thanks to Lori for the p-mail and the link :)

That's all the scrappy news I have for today! I am behind on my DT layouts.... so I am going to print some pictures this afternoon and get on that. Also I have a set of invites I need to get moving on.

This week I have played a lot of golf so I have been slacking in the Scrapbooking side! lol. But I did qualify for club champion yesterday as well as the Captain's trophy today (for non golfers those are two golf events at my golf course ;) ) I am playing in a fun team event on Saturday with my mom and a friend... its my favorite of the year so I hope we don't get any rain!

Have a great week!


Tracy said...

I love Canadian Scrapbooker. I have every issue. I feel so excited for you. WOW. I have never summitted a layout in a magazine before. I think I just might now. Thanks for the inspiration.
I have been on the hunt for thier summer magazine, off to go and get it.

Angela said...

Go Liz go! What a fun day/several days for you! Keep up the awesome work. (And no facebook?! I didn't think there was anyone left on the planet not on facebook :) ) Congrats on all the fun news.

Jamie Lane said...

Congrats on both!!

Rach H said...

Congrats on the pub!
The Top of the Rock is my favorite place to go in NYC for a good view!!