Thursday, May 20, 2010

The one with some tea

Tea has always been a big part of my life. Seems like a funny thing... but I grew up with an Irish grandmother who always had a pot of tea going. Even as a baby she would put half tea half milk in my bottle! So literally I have been drinking tea my whole life.

For my shower I was given some Tea Forte. Their English Breakfast is now my favorite tea. I have been trying all new kinds of teas, but I still like black tea the best. And as much as I love tea..... i HATE coffee! Even the smell makes my stomach turn. So at Starbucks I have a -venti Awake tea, one bag in one out, leave room for milk! Who thought ordering tea could be so complicated :) lol.

Now, 4 years later (almost to the day!) my brother's fiance is having her bridal shower this weekend.... and guess what the theme is??? TEA :) She loves tea like I do so we thought it would be a cute theme. We didn't take it too far, just little tea cups on all the tables with different treats in them and then these cute favors! We ordered some Tea Forte online in bulk and put two pyramids in little white organza bags. Super cute and easy I must say :)

All there is left to do now is make a little 'thank you' note to slip into each bag.

I did pick up my new Scrappy Chic kit the other day and I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to play with all the fun stuff. I have papers from Websters Pages - Life's Portrait and BG - Capella to work with this month. Both lines will be very nice with pictures from the shower this weekend :)

Now I must get to cleaning my house.... boo! lol. I hate to clean!!


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