Thursday, May 6, 2010

The one with some layouts and invites

So its been a busy week for me and I haven't got to blog very much. I hate to blog without a picture or something crafty so the last few don't really count ;)
But this weekend I did get these two layouts done!
This first one is mostly LYB-Freshprint Laundry line. I love the colors in this. Grey is my new favorite color... I have bought a lot of light grey clothing lately! Not loving the way it turned out... something is missing ???? Doesn't feel cohesive. But I love the colors together!!! I bought almost everything in this line!!!

Second layout is much more 'me'. Love red, orange and dark blue together. This is Pink Paislee - 360 degrees line. Its one of my favorite releases of CHA winter! Lots of thickers here... and a new one for me is the Tim Hotlz tickets! So cute.
Next up is the invites I did last week with my SIL to be!
I have a hard time photographing invites for some reason. It could be the shiny paper... hum. They are really pretty in person. Apple green print on a soft green background with light pink accents. We did light grey writing... which I love with the soft colors!
Their names are in the dark green.. hard to tell from the photos.

The map turned out really cute.... and i love the little pink reply envelopes we did too!

So tomorrow is the BIG day! MEGA MEET! Well it actually started today :) But I am working tomorrow and I am soooo excited. If you are there please swing by the Scrappy Chic booth and say HI :)
Saturday I will be there shopping with some friends too. Then we have a grad party for a dear friend who is now a Doctor! So proud of her!!!
Sunday is Mother's Day - dinner with my family. My brother is going to BBQ... he is a great cook!
Hope you have a great weekend. I will share lots of photos from Mega Meet next week :)


Tracy said...

I love both of your layouts.
Those wedding invites are beautiful. Did you make them from scratch. I really like the pocket with the info. Very Nice.

Jamie Lane said...

Great layouts and your invites are stunning!

Stacy said...

Love your layouts, and all the detail!! FABULOUS

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Those invitations are absolutely gorgeous!