Thursday, August 12, 2010

The one with famous people!

Well maybe not ALL famous people :)
Here is our crew from Scrappy Chic at CHA. This was taken at the end of our last day in the Sassafrass Lass booth! I had so much fun and was so grateful that Chris asked me to tag along. (Chris, Me and Mary!)

Some more semi-famous people at the show....
These two were working at the Graphic 45 booth. We met them again outside in line for our bus to the hotel. I started to chat with them about their costumes.... which they made totally themselves! Totally cool and over the top! When we got on the bus a lady came on and sat behind them saying " Oh my gosh we get to sit behind the famous people" LOL. They really were the hit of the show!

Any Project Runway fans out there???? I hope I am not alone..... but if you are a fan then you may remember 'Suede' from the last season :) He was there at the craftwell booth. He was so nice and down to earth! We chatted a bit and he gave me an autograph too :) Plus see those dresses behind him.... well he made those using the new eCraft machine! Very cool! You can see his website here!
And then for my totally geek out moment..... here I am with Elizabeth Kartchner!! aka Dear Lizzy from AC!!!
Ok so Mary and I were taking pictures of some layouts over at October Afternoon booth... a lady goes to walk in front so we stop to tell her to go by.... then I see its LizzyK.... well I must have looked totally stupid... I stopped and turned to her and said something like " oh my god... your Elizabeth Kartcher.... I mean I am such a fan.... can I get a picture with you!" (well truth be told.... I think I was a lot less cool than that quote made me seem!) lol. Too bad I didn't have time to plan this moment! I would have ditched the apron... and picked a better backdrop!!!! I mean come on... I am a scrapbooker right!! Oh well.... at least I got a picture :)

So that was my small brush with fame at the show. I did get to meet a couple other people at the ProvoCraft party.... but Chris still has the pictures of that. I will have to post them another time!

Off to get working on some projects!


elizabeth kartchner said...

HI! I totally remember running into you at cha! so fun! Thanks for sharing the photo. you are a doll.

Angela said...

Oh, so I get to follow Lizzy, comment-wise? Oh boy.
Anyway, cool pics! Can't wait to see your other "famous" people :)
Hope you like your kit, too -- 3 lines this time....

Jamie Lane said...

Super cool! Love the photo of you and Elizabeth...and she commented! So sweet! :)