Thursday, May 27, 2010

The one with my cousins

Last night I sat down and got most of this layout done! I am always very inspired to scrap when I have great photos. And this one with my three girl cousins and my brothers girlfriend is a great one. I think I only see these girls every couple of years.... so I really love it when we get together. They only stayed for one day... not very much time to catch up :( So I really hope that they stay a little longer when they are back for the wedding!!!!

I only wish that Mahsa was there to be in the picture too... she was inside with her family.
The paper is from Websters Pages - Life's portrait. I really love the soft colors... the sparklers.... the fabric borders!!! I made this flower by cutting hearts out of one of the fabrics, then layering them together to look like petals. Jenni Bowlin button in the middle and a fabulous jewel sparkler in the middle! The bling swirl is by prima... literally I am addicted to these swirls :)

I used some of the BG Capella journal spots with this line... they look like they are made to go together! Which is great since my other papers for the design team this month are from the Capella line. I love when embellishments can be so versatile!

Last night I actually did some gardening. I bought 4 hanging baskets and then took them apart and put the flowers in my window boxes. I love how it turned out!!! And did didn't have to wait for the tiny flowers to grow.. they are already filled it. I will share some pictures tomorrow :)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The one with some fun news!

Today was a good mail day! Actual mail and e-mail :)

In my mailbox was my copy of Canadian Scrapbooker.....
....where my layout ' View-From the top of the Rock' can be found on page 32!! yay!!
I sent it in a long time ago so I kinda forgot about it! But its so cool to see my first layout in print! This magazine is awesome too. I have not gotten it before but its 145 pages full of layouts and hardly any advertising. Its also on very nice thick paper... more like a book than a magazine! I can't wait to read it cover to cover... so many great ideas in it!

My second fun news came in an e-mail today!
My layout 'Always' is featured on the IOD facebook page.
Here is the link:!/pages/IOD/276683959589?ref=ts
Now the bummer is that I don't have facebook so I can't see it :(
If you have time to check it out let me know if it looks !!!!
Thanks to Lori for the p-mail and the link :)

That's all the scrappy news I have for today! I am behind on my DT layouts.... so I am going to print some pictures this afternoon and get on that. Also I have a set of invites I need to get moving on.

This week I have played a lot of golf so I have been slacking in the Scrapbooking side! lol. But I did qualify for club champion yesterday as well as the Captain's trophy today (for non golfers those are two golf events at my golf course ;) ) I am playing in a fun team event on Saturday with my mom and a friend... its my favorite of the year so I hope we don't get any rain!

Have a great week!

Friday, May 21, 2010

The one with the beach

I am not usually a big fan of the beach. The sand gets everywhere... the sun is too much for my fair skin... and I can't sit still for that long either! lol. But we were there for New years Eve. We flew down earlier that day and met up with all our friends a couple days before the cruise.

I had these pictures sitting on my desk so I just whipped this up last night. Got to use some new Pink Paislee. My fave! This is mostly Bayberry Cottage line----
And a close up of these awesome letters!! Also got to use a real shell that I have had for years.
Happy Friday to all --- hope you have a good weekend. And happy Victoria Day weekend to all the Canadians out there.... enjoy the long weekend!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The one with some tea

Tea has always been a big part of my life. Seems like a funny thing... but I grew up with an Irish grandmother who always had a pot of tea going. Even as a baby she would put half tea half milk in my bottle! So literally I have been drinking tea my whole life.

For my shower I was given some Tea Forte. Their English Breakfast is now my favorite tea. I have been trying all new kinds of teas, but I still like black tea the best. And as much as I love tea..... i HATE coffee! Even the smell makes my stomach turn. So at Starbucks I have a -venti Awake tea, one bag in one out, leave room for milk! Who thought ordering tea could be so complicated :) lol.

Now, 4 years later (almost to the day!) my brother's fiance is having her bridal shower this weekend.... and guess what the theme is??? TEA :) She loves tea like I do so we thought it would be a cute theme. We didn't take it too far, just little tea cups on all the tables with different treats in them and then these cute favors! We ordered some Tea Forte online in bulk and put two pyramids in little white organza bags. Super cute and easy I must say :)

All there is left to do now is make a little 'thank you' note to slip into each bag.

I did pick up my new Scrappy Chic kit the other day and I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to play with all the fun stuff. I have papers from Websters Pages - Life's Portrait and BG - Capella to work with this month. Both lines will be very nice with pictures from the shower this weekend :)

Now I must get to cleaning my house.... boo! lol. I hate to clean!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

The one with my new gig!

This week I have a new job..... kinda! I am going to caddy for my brother in his golf tournament!!!! I am currently just outside of St. Louis, MO. Took us 9 hours to drive here.... lots of rain on the way too. Tomorrow is the practice round so we will see how it goes. I'm sure we will have fun though.... I just hope that the weather co-operates!!!

This past weekend I had so much fun at the Mega Meet!!! I feel that the show was not as good as past years.... but still worth going. The Scrappy Chic booth looked awesome and I had lots of fun working with the girls on Friday. I got lots of new goodies to play with.... but it will have to wait for next week!!!

I planned to bring my cord so I could upload some pictures while I was here.... but I forgot :( So I will just have to do some written updates!!!
Hope you have a great week!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

The one with some layouts and invites

So its been a busy week for me and I haven't got to blog very much. I hate to blog without a picture or something crafty so the last few don't really count ;)
But this weekend I did get these two layouts done!
This first one is mostly LYB-Freshprint Laundry line. I love the colors in this. Grey is my new favorite color... I have bought a lot of light grey clothing lately! Not loving the way it turned out... something is missing ???? Doesn't feel cohesive. But I love the colors together!!! I bought almost everything in this line!!!

Second layout is much more 'me'. Love red, orange and dark blue together. This is Pink Paislee - 360 degrees line. Its one of my favorite releases of CHA winter! Lots of thickers here... and a new one for me is the Tim Hotlz tickets! So cute.
Next up is the invites I did last week with my SIL to be!
I have a hard time photographing invites for some reason. It could be the shiny paper... hum. They are really pretty in person. Apple green print on a soft green background with light pink accents. We did light grey writing... which I love with the soft colors!
Their names are in the dark green.. hard to tell from the photos.

The map turned out really cute.... and i love the little pink reply envelopes we did too!

So tomorrow is the BIG day! MEGA MEET! Well it actually started today :) But I am working tomorrow and I am soooo excited. If you are there please swing by the Scrappy Chic booth and say HI :)
Saturday I will be there shopping with some friends too. Then we have a grad party for a dear friend who is now a Doctor! So proud of her!!!
Sunday is Mother's Day - dinner with my family. My brother is going to BBQ... he is a great cook!
Hope you have a great weekend. I will share lots of photos from Mega Meet next week :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

The one with a Survey!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend!
I had lots of fun yesterday at the crop with Angela. I got two pages mostly done... and did a little shopping. Today I have two sets of invites I need to finish up and do the journaling on the two pages from the crop. Tomorrow I will have lots of pictures to share of all the invites and things I have been working on!

I am counting down the days to Mega Meet! It starts on Thursday but I will be working there on Friday at the Scrappy Chic booth. I hope you stop by and say HI if you are attending.

Also, Momenta has asked me to help them with their survey. They are looking for both scrappers and non scrappers to participate. Click here: for the survey.

I was over at the Momenta shop this weekend checking out what I want in my first package. There is sooo much to choose from and the prices can't be beat! Be sure to check it out and don't forget about the 20% coupon.... its good all month!!!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

The one with National Scrapbooking Day!!

Yay! Its National Scrapbooking Day!

Today is the official announcement of the Design Team over at Momenta!! I am very excited to be apart of their team! What a great day to launch their new online shopping site too. You can click here to Shop! And don't forget the coupon.....

They have some great paper and letter stickers and kits as well! I hope you head on over and check them out.... take advantage of the savings all month long! Now I just can't wait to get my hands on some of their products and make some great stuff :)

So my plans for today.... well I have a lot of invites to make... it is wedding season! So I will be working on that for sure....its still counts as crafting right :) This afternoon I will get my stuff organized for the crop I will be attending tomorrow over at Scrappy Chic!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day Everyone :)