Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The one with a little French

***Picture heavy Post*****
We are back! It was a very long trip... lots of good times... and some bad (you don't even want to know how disgusting our hotel was!)
Quick recap of the trip. We left last Tuesday night, stayed with Alain's aunt in Toronto and left for Montreal early Wednesday morning. The highlight of the trip was Montreal! We went to see a Habs game.... my husband lives for this team!!
Our seats were really good.. here is the view:
At intermission... all decked out in Habs gear! Alain was so excited when I wanted to get a t-shirt. Literally everyone there was wearing something with the team on it!
Outside the Bell Center the next morning.... Alain and his brother.
Thursday we got to do some shopping in Montreal. It was nice because almost everyone spoke both English and french. I could get by without Alain translating everything for me!
We went about an hour north of the city and stayed with Alain's cousin Dany for the night. It was really fun to meet Dany's girlfriend and their kids.... even if I couldn't talk to them at all. Where they live there is no English at all!
Friday morning to kept going north. Stopped on the way for some really great poutine! Its a Quebec thing.... sooo good but so bad for you. French fries, gravy and cheese curds.
About 5 hours later we were deep into Quebec.... about 20 mins from the New Brunswick border in a little town called :
Yes that does say Du-Ha! Ha! and that is where we stayed! There was no choices there in hotels. There was only one... and it was nasty... and that's where we had to stay. I did not sleep at all those two nights :(
Saturday morning we headed into New Brunswick.... there is a beer that is made and sold only in NB. It is my husband's favorite and he only gets it once in a while. His last case was over a year ago! So he was excited!
We brought back 15 cases in total! The people there thought we were crazy. Some of them for us and his brothers as well as some for our friends.
Saturday night was the party... the reason we went all that way! Alain's grandma's 80th birthday. I didn't take too many pictures at the party but the rest of the family did. This cute one is of me and Helena! She is our cousin Dany's daughter... and despite a major language barrier we had a really good time playing games. She is such a cutie :)
Sunday morning we left around 10 am to head home.... a 16 hour drive. We were determined to drive it all in one day and just get home! We did stop for lunch at St. Hubert... yum! For all you Canadians that know about Swiss Chalet... well its 10 times better than that! For all you Americans.... its a chicken and ribs place. But sooooooo goood!

After arriving back home around 2am I was sooooo happy to be home! It was a very long trip!
I am dying to do something creative this week. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my new design team kit!!!! I hear there will be lots of stuff for our booth at Mega Meet!!! Good thing I took a lot of pictures on the trip... I will have lots to scrapbook. I think a mini album of this trip will be a good idea.
Hope everyone had a good Easter!
Off to create something on this dreary day :)


Angela said...

Welcome home! The photos look great -- and I love that your husband hugs beer. In public. That's awesome!
Hey, your new kit is huge-a-mungous! You've got some of the "perfect gentleman" line from graphic 45 -- among other things, there's a bit of a golf theme, so I figured you could use it!
I'll probably hit at least one crop at the store this month -- let me know if you'd like to go, too, and what days work best.

Tracy said...

I don't really care for poutine, I know a Canadian who doesn't like it for shame.
I don't know any French, except I remember the name of the dog from public school French, Petu LOL