Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The one with an itty bitty bathroom

My bathroom is very small!!! When we bought the house we planned to put in a second bathroom in the basement.... but we haven't done it yet! So we have learned to live with this little one for the last 5 years. When I registered for towels and things for our wedding, everything I picked was white not thinking how plain this bathroom would look!

So this weekend I was shopping with the girls in the states, looking for things for Mahsa's new place and I fell in love with a shower curtain! It was only $15 so I figured it was a good buy.... but then maybe I need some towels to go with it?.... We found Nautica towel sets (2 face, 2 hand, and 2 body) for $20/set! So I got two of those.
But then maybe it would be cute to have the matching accessories! (soap dish, lotion pump, cup and toothbrush holder) Well they were only $12 for the set!
And then the set of boxes in the same fabric as the curtain... I had to have those... only $6 for the set or three!
So $80 later I am loving my little bathroom right now :)
(yea I know I need to iron out the creases in the shower curtain but I was too excited to put it up!!! lol)

If you remember a few weeks ago I painted my bedroom and now I have my bathroom updated.... I am on a mission to get my house in shape before my family comes for the shower in May! Its been 4 years since they have been here.... which was for my shower! And this time I have a proper guest room for them to stay in!!

When we first bought this house I did not scrapbook yet. Everything I picked out was 'safe'. White, beige, simple. Now that I scrapbook I have found that my style in home decor has changed a lot as well. I am not afraid of pattern and mixing colors! I don't think I would have been brave enough to pick this color 4 years ago! The pattern of the shower curtain looks like scrapbook paper I would totally use :)


Melissa said...

OMG! It's so funny that you say your scrapping has affected your decor. I am in the process of painting the interior of most of my house and I am coming to the same realization. I love color now! In fact, I just painted a bathroom what I call Grinch Green..hmm..maybe I should blog about it. I love what you did with the bathroom and what great deals!!

Tracy said...

That bathroom is adorable. Actually is isn't much smaller than ours. When we bought this house 16yrs ago I told hubby we need another bathroom (we have 3 daughters) I didn't care if he put in a toilet with a shower curtain around it.LOL. Well I did get a bathroom downstairs, don't worry it has walls LOL.

Stephanie said...

VERY cute and classy!! I love how it all flows together!!

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I love your bathroom. I would scrap with that shower curtain as well.