Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The one with some Mega Meet info..

Taking a break from layouts this week to focus on invites! I finished the message in a bottle invite yesterday! Super cute. Still need to take a picture... then I will share!

Today my SIL-to-be is on her way over to help make her invites! She and her sister were into scrapbooking way before I was. Mahsa was the one who got me started way back in the day :)
The invites she picked are from Envelopments.... soooo nice... can't wait to show them to you!

So back to my post title!!!! I will be working Mega Meet in the Scrappy Chic booth on Friday! Very excited about this. I ran into Angela at Archivers yesterday and she mentioned that Chis might need help during Mega Meet..... I think its going to be so much fun! .... And gives me more reason to hang out there! I will be attending on Saturday as well with some Friends to shop!!!

So if you are in the area you should divinely come to Mega Meet.... and don't forget to stop by the booth and say HI :)

Oh and Angela and I will be attending the free crop at Scrappy Chic on sunday afternoon! Come on out and scrapbookg with us!!!!

PS - Angela is awesome with stamps... I am afraid of them! But yesterday I bought these little gems! They are from studio calico. I love letter of any kind and these are so cute. Angela is going to help me conquer my fear of stamps ;)


Angela said...

yay! hooray! Stamps! Studio Calico makes some great ones -- high-quality (not "squishy"). Stamp we will!

Tracy said...

I love stamps, but I can't seem to line up my letter stamps perfectly. And I like perfect. Share any tips you learn.

lisaplus5 said...

i adore thos stamps! i had such a fun time peeking all over your blog! your pages are so beautiful! i love all of the little details!

Jamie Lane said...

Ahh, a Michigan girl! We are on the Momenta team together! :) I am up in Waterford, but I do stop by Scrappy Chic with my SIL! I am also going to be attending the Mega Meet, but I will be in the P K Glitz booth working all weekend! Hope you swing by when you aren't working!