Sunday, October 11, 2009

The one with the Beautiful Guest Room

My guest bedroom had been on my 'to-do' list since.... well forever! This weekend I just wanted to get it done. I was tired of having it being a dumping ground for my husband's clothes, gym stuff, music stuff and pretty much anything else we didn't have a spot for. I am ashamed it stayed this messy for so long.... but here is the before - taken Saturday morning 11am.Notice the horrid roller blinds... and the patched wall that used to be a doorway to the Kitchen (I mean who wants to enter their bedroom from the Kitchen, and why does a bedroom have two doors? very werid!) The pictures make it look like the walls are yellow, but its just the very bad lighting in there! It was actually all white.
But now it is bright and green and all cleaned up! Just waiting for a guest to stay overnight! Its not perfect yet but its much improved. What do you think?
Almost everything in the room I already owned. When I was in my teenage years I was really into the Shabby Chic look, so I had a lot of Pine furniture. My mom gave me the curtains that she made for her bedroom. The paint was chosen from the green in the curtains. The chest under the window was a christams gift one year.... I used it to collect things for when I had my own house one day! Now it is the perfect window seat. I want to get a few pillows to put on it.
The bed and side tables were given to my parents when they got married from my grandparents. When I was 10 my parents handed them down to me. I love them so much becasue of the history they have in my family. The headboard has teeth marks on it where I used to nash as a baby when teething, there are nicks and dents from so many things over the years. But its the character that makes them so great!
It still needs some work with more accessories and little touches.... but that will come with time! I think its a pretty good weekend transformation and I can't wait to have our first overnight guest!
Back to some more scrappy posts this week! I think the window seat will be a perfect spot to get more well lit pictures of my work... going to try it out tomorrow for sure!

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Melissa said...

What a transformation!!