Friday, October 23, 2009

The one with some Ephemera

My very first scrapbook was much different than my scrapbooks are now! It was a green coiled book that I bought in Holland. I kept all my ephemera from my trip to Europe and pasted it on the pages, then hand wrote stories of what happened each day of my trip. I was 12 years old.

Today I still scrapbook for the memories, but with all the variety of embellishments out there, I often forget to include my ephemera..... even though I still save it all and have plans to use it all!

This page is from our Disney World trip in December 2007! I wanted to include our plane tickets because of the story behind them. (We were suppose to leave 2 days before but we were having so much fun we extended our stay.)

Sometimes I find it hard to include ephemera because I feel like its not 'pretty'. So I leave it til last and many times it gets left out. Here are a few ways that I now use to get more of these important pieces of my life into my scrapbooks:

1. Make a pocket page and stick all my large, hard to work with pieces that relate to one event or trip.
2. Compile one big collage page of concert tickets, movie stubs, logo stickers, coasters etc... from events that I don't have any pictures for. Like a year in review page.
3. Incorporate the most important or easier to work with pieces into my pages as I go.
4. 'Hide' it in a pocket on the layout. My favorite is a library card pocket!

I am still working on doing more of #3.... but when combining it with the others, it doesn't feel like such an overwhelming task!

PS- Went to dinner at PF Changs tonight! LOVE it! Has such a good time with the girls :)


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Jingle said...

You incorporated the passes really well! Great job!