Friday, October 16, 2009

The one with a Marathon

I wish I could say that I ran it.... but I didn't! Running is not my thing.
But I did design the finish line structure and banners that adorn it. About 3 months ago we had a in house design competition here at work. (I work for Kahn - see our logo on the side panels!!!). My friend and co-worker, Callista and I won! We were picked by a committee of members on the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon team.
The marathon took place yesterday Oct.18, very early in the morning....

It might be hard to tell from these photos, but the background graphic for all of the banners is the word "FINISH" translated into 36 different languages. It was done in a texture look to mimic the look of newpaper since the Free Press is the main sponsor of the event! The idea behind our design was to incorporate an international feel to the start/finish line! This marathon starts in Detroit Michigan, then runners go over the Ambassador bridge, run through downtown Windsor Ontario and then back through the tunnel to Detroit. Its the only marathon that has an underwater mile! Its also a qualifier for the Boston Marathon--- so we get some really good runners!

Since I was not there in person I will have to rely on others photos of the event. But I still want to scrap it since I feel like I had a hand it it! I have the photoshop images of what I sent to the printing company as well and they might be neat to scrap as well.
I will be getting more pictures from the official Photographer that was there that day. But you can see lots of the coverage here:

It is so cool to see something that you created and worked on for so long come to life!!!


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