Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The one with some very late Cards

Ok! So I know that World Card Making Day was on Saturday.... so this post is only a few days late. But I did make these on Saturday.... if that counts :)

I used a 6x6 stack of Baic Grey-Lilykate for all of these. I got the stack at my LSS's yard sale for $1!!! I am going to use these cards as a set for a gift. Not sure for who yet. But its always good to have some extra cards and gifts around.
(I really need to figure out how to take better pictures... maybe when I get home tonight I will re-do these ones!)

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving so I am looking forward to lots of Turkey and mashed potatoes and dinner with both families! My brother will be home from Toronoto again so I know we will have a big dinner at my mom and dad's.

My other plan this weekend is to paint the guest bedroom! Its been a dumping ground for things we don't know where else to put for the last two years. Since we don't have guests that often it hasn't really mattered too much. But now I am on a kick to get it painted and done. Hopefully our friends Norm and Emily will be able to stay with us when they come down in December for our christmas party! That is the goal right now anyway!
Wish me luck :)

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