Thursday, October 1, 2009

The one with a Box of Cards

It has become a tradition now with my friends and family. When they get a card from me they almost immediately turn it over to see if my monogram is on the back! Last year for my brother's birthday I made a card and totally forgot to put my logo on the back. He told me after the party that I needed to take it home and put it on and then bring it back! It always makes me feel good to know they really appreciate getting my home made cards.
So this being a busy time of year for me, I like to make lots of cards ahead of time so I don't forget anyone and have some extra on hand for the unexpected occasions. To keep all of my cards organized I altered this little box! Its made by WeR Memory Keepers (raw goods line). I used some of my favorite this on this project.....The letters I used for "CARDS" is by Lil' Davies and they are my FAVE of all time. I really don't know why... maybe its the color brown, and the distressed look they have... the perfect size that suit any kid of project...
I don't make too many altered projects, and when I do they are usually gifts. So I figured if I am going to make it for myself then I would use my most favorite supplies! The paper is also from WeR Memory Keepers... I love the warm colors... browns, greens and dark reds are my colors! I got the little handles for the lid at my LSS yard sale last year. I believe they are 7 gypsies.

In honor of 'National Card Making Day' this Saturday, I think I will make a few cards tonight so I have something to post! (just in case I don't have time this weekend!)

Tomorrow night my friend Paula is having a girls night/housewarming party at her place. She and her boyfriend just finished renovating the entire place. I can't wait to see it! I'm sure I will have some fun pictures to post from that night as well! ;)

Any creative ideas for a cute housewarming gift????


Anonymous said...
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NancyJones said...

very cute idea love it

Alicia said...

Super cute. Love that box!