Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The one with the Rocio Invite

So far all of my business has happened through word of mouth. No advertising... yet! Makes me so happy to know that my friends love my work and would go out of their way to tell their friends - you HAVE to get Liz to do your invites :)

This invite I did last march for my friend Jen's sister in law, Rocio. She had a very hard dress color to math.... but with all the Bazzill colors we came pretty close! Her colors were a purple-ish wine with silver and white accents.
Here is a close up of the Monogram:
And when it was fully opened up it looked like this:
She didn't want to do a pocket but we still needed some way to include her reply card. I came up with the idea of having the corners just held in place and the guests could pull them out but still look like one cohesive piece.
I am not a fan of the fonts they chose.... but its whatever the bride wants!
When we were discussing different options in the beginning, I also made this sample:
I really love the simplicity of it.... and I think the fonts are more modern and light - if that makes sense :)
The funny thing with these two is that although they look similar from the outsides (all closed up), the second would cost less to make. Its all in how you work the paper!

In the last month I got two really great referrals and had meetings with both brides. I love being able to talk with them and get the 'feeling' of their wedding, what they envision for their special day and what fits their budget. The great thing about paper is that you can make whatever you can think up! I love the challenge and the creativity of it all.


Jingle said...

Very pretty!

CreativeChretin said...

I agree, i don't like the fonts they chose, but you're right, it's their wedding. Very nice invitations. Where do you buy your envelopes? I used to buy them at Recollections (they had such a large selection).

Liz Michaud said...

I order them from envelopemall.com mostly. They don't have a great color selection but for white they are the cheapest I have found!